Factorio DeathWorld #47 BALANCING SCIENCE | Lets Play


This Lets Play series is a Factorio 1.0 Death World playthrough with few quality of life mods.

It is the continuation of the series "Escape from Nauvis" and is focused on the base building AFTER THE FIRST ROCKET LAUNCH

This series is not designed for beginners, but anyone is of course welcome to join :)

"Stranded on a Death World planet (Nauvis) it is my job to survive, build a base and launch a rocket for each person supporting on Patreon ("Protector of the Path" or higher tier)"

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New episodes Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6 PM CEST

Map Exchange string:


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Playlist from the beginning:


Playlist of the previous "Escape from Nauvis" series:


Blueprints used in this series comes from my "FACTORIO MASTER CLASS" series:



- Even Distribution: Allows easier spread of materials to multiple entities when manually inserting

- Construction Drones: An alternative early game construction tech before Robots

- Afraid of the Dark: Brighten the map so you can see what is going on

- Squeak Through: Makes the hitboxes of buildings/trees slightly smaller so it is easier to move around the base

- Vehicle Snap: Because otherwise it is impossible to drive straight

- Patreon Rockets: Private mod to track Patreons escaping (developed and maintained by Timbo007up)

Save games:

Save games are available to Patreon Supporters via Discord

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