Math of Music, Science of Sound | संगीत का गणित और विज्ञान | 3030 STEM Episode 10 | 2:30-3:30PM

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संगीत: गणित और विज्ञान का अनोखा मेल

A medley of Music, Mathematics and Science

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Activities at glance!

Theme 0:00

Introduction 01:38

Feedbacks 02:18

Itempool Question-1 09:18

Story of Pandit Hemchandra 11:56

Itempool Question-2 : 13:47

Hemchandra Fibonacci Numbers : 16:00

Pandit Hemchandra’s proves of numbers from Dhaa and Dhin 17:39

Golden Ratio 20:40

Story of Manjul Bhargav 22:18

Straw Whistle 23:33

Relations between Frequency, Wavelength and Pitch 25:15

Straw Whistle with 2 holes 27:44

Itempool Question-3 29:50

Why sound is produced in straw whistle 30:55

Playing flute 32:33

Paper Whistle 33:56

Toy of sound 34:52

Paying Sargam from Bottles 36:00

Itempool Question-4 37:22

Straw Wave Model 39:37

Itempool Question-5 42:26

About Human Ear 44:33

Playing Piano and Frequencies of Piano Keys 53:24

Itempool Question-6 57:06

Making of Sound Toys 1:05:52

Topic Covered :

Pandit Hemchandra, Music, Beats, Dhaa and Dhin, Permutations and Combinations in Music, Hemchancra Numbers, Fibonacci Series, Fibonacci Numbers, Hemchandra Fibonacci Numbers, Rudrata, Golden Ratio, Platonic Solids, Straw Whistle, Sound, Frequency, Wavelength, Pitch, Interference, Speed of Sound, Vibration, Air Pressure, Flute, Holes on Flute, Paper Flute, Paper Whistle, Sound Toys, Bugle, Drum, Sargam from Bottles, Bottle flute, Straw wave model, How sound travels?, Human Ear, Eardrum, Why do we have 2 ears?, Structure of Ears, Hearing, How our ears works?, Why Animals can move their ears?, Languages, Frequencies of Piano keys,

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