Most Professing Christians Would Have Hated Jesus

"That's unloving!", "That's un-Christ-like!". Have you ever heard this? What is love? Most Christians today have adopted a definition of "love" that is straight out of Woodstock '69 rather than the Bible. As a result, most Christians today would have hated Jesus if they had lived in His time. Biblical correction is now seen as "hateful" and sharp rebuke is "unloving". As postmodernism and liberal thought have gripped the minds of the world, we are now (and have been) seeing this unbiblical approach in the so-called church. The "social justice warrior" mentality is growing by the day.

In this video, we will explore what love is and what it is not and address the unpleasant and all too neglected elements of true biblical love.



May The Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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