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Fire on the Mountain in Denver - AVOID

Used to be a great spot for wings but you can't even get a spot to sit down now. Small seats with little to no room to eat. Reason im writing this review is because recently they changed a LOT. They have a person sit you down which is pretty pointless if they dont have servers. Wings are now HALF of the size originally and still the same overpriced prices. 12 wings dont even look as much as what 9 used to be. A dollar a wing for wings the size of my pinky are seriously not worth it. They got rid of all their good desserts and now only have fried oreos for 7 dollars... cant even manage getting a straw here now lol.. wingstop is better now imo. If you want good wings that aren't over a dollar a wing try wing wagon in conifer. I'm baffled they run a business charging people over a dollar a wing and then serve peoples food in a frisbee! Edit 2/24/19 : wings are still very small. If your wings are now half the size they should be half the price! I got takeout and was surprised to see a 6% "to go" charge lol..for wings from a bar that dont even have straws??? 12 hot wings, 9 seitan wings, a large fry, and fried oreos for 2 people came out to $45.. my chocolate was spilled in the bag and leaked all over my ranch and boxes I shouldve learned the first time and not came back.

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